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Jess De Wahl’s BigSwingingOvaries

Here’s a quick set from my friend Jess’ press event for her gallery opening.

Jess is combining an exhibition of her artwork using textile sculpture and a charity event : “#bigswingingovaries is an exhibition, exploring and incorporating art, feminism and recycling.” during World Woman’s Day.

Last night was the press event but tonight is the official opening.

You can find further details here : http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/big-swinging-ovaries

Here’s a video she’s made

And my photos, using my old backup camera as the shiny D800 is in for a repair.

Nikon NPU vs NPS

Have just come a cropper of something regarding Nikon Professional scheme which is partially my fault but I think could be made clearer. Thought I’d highlight it to avoid others doing the same.

I’ve been a member of a/the Nikon UK professional scheme for several years. I’ve never really used it other than getting the Nikon Professional publication which I’ve enjoyed. However sending my camera in for a Warranty repair recently I’ve tried to use one of these services only to find out it didn’t apply in my case.

I knew that for Nikon worldwide the requirements were different from that of the UK scheme – but I’ve come to realise that they are actually different schemes and have different names.


Nikon Professional Services (UK + Worldwide)

Nikon NPS


In essence to be a member you need to be “anyone engaged as a full-time professional photographer” and have a number of equipment – “you need to own at least 6 pieces of professional equipment from the list below, 2 of which should be professional camera bodies.

I knew that this last part was different – but didn’t realise the schemes were different.


Nikon Professional User (UK)

Nikon NPU


Having the requirements of: “you need to own at least two pieces of equipment form the Nikon Professional body and lens range, one of which should be a camera body.”

So a lot less. I own six pieces from the list – but the D200 has now been downgraded (was included originally) and so only my D800 counts as a professional body.

Different benefits of both schemes:


  • Membership Card
  • Nikon Pro Magazine
  • Notice of new Products
  • Invitation to Seminars
  • Discount training
  • Freefone Technical Support

  • Membership card
  • Nikon Pro Magazine
  • Notice of new products
  • Invitation to Seminars
  • Discount training
  • Freefone Technical Report
  • Priority allocation scheme
  • Support Depots at major events
  • International support
  • Pro-track express service
  • Loan equipment if service repaired

You can see there is a fair difference – and it was these two highlighted items (pro-track express service & loan equipment) that I had hoped

The lists of professional Products

UK : http://www.nikon.co.uk/sites/npsapplication/productlist.aspx

US: http://nikonpro.com/Renewal-NPS-Equipment-List.pdf

They seem to differ slightly – not sure if the UK list is just slightly out of date – I would have expected the D600 to be on UK list. Maybe the DF on both.

Photography Show 2014 – Prices

Some prices from The Photography Show – 2014.

Only had the phone to photograph these so resolution is a bit off.

In past years I’ve heard that prices are negotiable – so try to haggle ;)

On the whole I was disappointed with the deals so only bought a memory card and some printer paper samples.



Cameraworld Sigma Cameraworks Sigma Cameraworld Nikon CameraWorld Canon Cameraworld Canon


(Sorry – only got the Nikon lens prices)

Calumet Nikon lenses

London Camera Exchange

London Camera Exchange - Canon Prices London Camera Exchange - Nikon - Prices London Camera Exchange - Sigma Prices

Example of the woeful savings:

On the Nikon 70-200 2.8 VR ii:
Calumet – £6
Cameraworld – £0
LCE – £0

World Press Photo Awards 2014

Interesting World Press Photo awards winner:


Winner of the 2014 Word Press Photo Awards

Winner of the 2014 Word Press Photo Awards

As an interesting side note – some people have complained because the winner and the chairman of the judges are both founding members of the VII image library. However World Press Photo organisation seem to be sticking to their decision (See HERE).

Burning Man 2013

With the sudden excitement of 2014 Burning Man tickets becoming available – I’ve remembered that I’ve STILL not done a public Burning Man Gallery. I went last year (2013) and had a press pass so I could publicly share my photography :)

I made business cards so that I could give them to all I photograph so I could give HighRes photos away as a form of gifting. As such these and many more have been up in a private gallery, but I thought it about time I made some public!

I took my D800, a couple of lenses and a speedlight. I was intending to do a mini studio at dusk – however our camp (Cabana Club) had it’s camp meals around that time and so I missed the opportunity other than a few in the camp! I’m not going again this year – but hopefully soon – and then I think I may make a special effort e.g. ask someone to keep food aside for me.

Dust wise – I bought a cheap waterproof housing – kind of a bag – but realised that to put the camera in I would need to take the lens off! SO not the best in a dust storm. So I just took the camera out as it was and put it in a bag if there was a particularly bad dust storm. D800 is weather sealed anyway. Also bought a can of compressed air before getting to the Playa. Anyway – this isn’t supposed to be a blog post about photography on the Playa – but instead one to share photos – so here are my favourites.

Click to view full picture

Photo Ireland Festival

In my new day job (Still IT within a photography related business) I sometimes have E-mails about photography events coming across my Inbox. Although I subscribe to lots of other photography related blogs – not many seem to cover such events – so I think I’ll start to post some of these here. I don’t have any involvement in them – just think it’s nice to share :)

First up :

PhotoIreland Festival 2014

When : 01-31 July 2014

Where: Ireland …. well obviously ;) …. Dublin I think

Web : http://photoireland.org/

Twitter : @PhotoIreland

Photo Ireland Festival

It seems to be a series of talks, exhibitions, competitions and such like throught July. See their website for mroe details.

Inspirational photography + creative videos

Just come across another few inspirational videos.

This is a series by Smugmug on YouTube designed to do exactly that i.e.  inspire.

I prefer this one:

But from the Von Wong video I like the quote :

“I think if you start doing the stuff that you love, and you start sharing the stuff that you love,  then sooner or later people will start hiring you to do the stuff that you love”


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