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Experience Human Flight

This video has been making the rounds on some photography blogs – thought I might as well share it too. Beautiful and peaceful video of skydiving while most then to be action packed and adrenalin pumping.

By Betty Wants In in Ozz

Filmed on the little Go-Pro’s that I’ve already mentioned earlier in the blog – although I’m using them for timelapse by design they’re for extreme sports videos.

This footage is obviously slowed down.  Although the GoPro can shoot 60fps (frames per second) at certain resolutions (most films are at about 25-ISH fps – this seems to be sufficient for the human eye/brain to not see the individual frames-  so you shoot at higher speeds to then slow it down and still have enough frames so that it’s not juddery) Brett does say on the above link that it has been slowed down with an application called Twixtor.

Unfortunately for me – this kind of stuff is still a long way off. Although work have 8 GoPro’s – they’re still needed for timelapse for another 8 weeks or so, my current SLR (D200) doesn’t record video and more importantly – to take a camera of any sorts up skydiving you need a C-license, which amongst other things has a minimum jump number of 200.  I’m currently only on A-license and 37 jumps. Such a long way away – but I’d so love to take a camera up (and be able to move around properly using it 😉 )

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