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Seagull steals a GoPro

Ok – so this one is neither about my work, my photography or even informative in the slightest ūüėČ

Just came across this video on Fstoppers¬†¬†in a similar post, and since I’ve mentioned GoPro cameras here a bit I’d pass it on. Just goes to show how small and dinky GoPro’s are.

By all accounts the guy had to climb a wall to get the camera back – wonder how he spotted it though.

Duffy – The Man who Shot the Sixties

Two post in one day!

Another of the Photographers mentioned in the June Edition of Professional Photographer was Duffy. (This one I did know about)

According to the Magazine:

“As a child during the war, the young Duffy (he was rarely called Brian, his first name) played in abandoned, bombed-out houses and was moved to a new school every time he got into trouble. Landing at an institution that took waywayrd youths on cultural excursions he was introduced to a world of art galleries and opera, and went on to study dress design at Saint Martins School of Art. While freelancing at Harpar’s Bazaar his interest in photography grew and he set about applying for assisting roles before shooting his first fashion story for the Sunday Times.¬†With David Bailey and Terence Donovan, he captured the spirit of 1960s London and shot for fashion magazines in London, New York and Paris. One of his most famous creations is the 1973 image of David Bowie’s “Aladdin Sane” album. The iconic image of the rock star with a lightening bolt flash across his face was inspired by the design on a Panasonic rice cooker. Despite working in advertising in the late 1970’s, by the end of the decade he had become¬†disillusioned¬† with photography and set fire to most of his negatives. Thirty years later, just before Duffy’s death, his son found some had survived and staged a retrospective.”


Aaaanyway – getting to the point. This video has just popped up on one of my feeds – looks like it’s an hour long – thought I’d share it.

Photographer Tim Hetherington

Tim Hetherington

Who? You may ask….

And to be honest – even though I’m quite the photography fan – that was my reaction also.

I openly admit I don’t know many photography “names” and much less so current than past famous photographers. So it’s caught my attention when I’ve started to read the name of Tim Hetherington quite a bit of late – both in June’s Professional Photographer Magazine in several different articles (one about him, another about great British photographer) and just now in this article here :¬†http://fadedandblurred.com/spotlight/photographer-spotlight-tim-hetherington/

To give you the very abridged version of why he’s made the news recently – alas Tim Hetherington was one of the journalists/photographers killed in¬†Libya¬†recently (20 April 2011) while covering the conflict/human rights abuses there and travelling with rebel/revolution forces.

Tim Hetherington

I’m aware of the old names in this field – your Robert Capa’s and ¬†Don McCullin’s (whom I didn’t realise comes from Finsbury Park and is still alive) ¬†but not those of recent times. I only found out who Kevin Carter was after reading Bang Bang club. But is seems that Tim Hetherington has been quite the photographer, journalist and videographer – even producing a Oscar nominated film: Restrepo¬†(!), and winning the World Press Photo competition in 2007 – something I HAVE¬†vaguely¬†followed


So why am I posting ? Well I guess this article just hit a chord. Partially inspiration to make a difference but also to go look up more of Tim Hetherington’s work – as well as being very talented and¬†revered¬†by his peers he sounded like a good person, one that wanted to make a difference to show the world what was going on. I’m not a writer so can’t write something so¬†eloquent¬†as that article – so I’d suggest you do go and have a read yourself – won’t take long.


In the mean time I’m going to add Restrepo to my LoveFilm list

http://www.lovefilm.com/film/Restrepo/152143/ (Trailer included)



Sophia Set Up

Just a quick post really – follow up to the sneak peak before – just to mention that the Sophia set has gone up on my main site:

Sophia Photoset

For the whole set follow the above link but here’s a few examples. Although it’s taken a while to go through the set (event sets tend to take priority over friend for-fun shoots) it was a pleasure to edit, no guesses as to why.

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Wax industries product shoot

Mr Wax and Bounder Moustache Wax

Just finished a quick informal product shoot for Mr Wax a friend, fellow Peckham resident and one of my Jive tutors ūüôā

Mr Wax is a purveyor of fine male grooming products, noteably the Bounder Moustache wax (Made from British Bees Wax and Caribbean Rum). All hand made and packaged by himself and fellow Wax industry aficionados. My impulse with any product shoot is to photograph the product on white but Mr Wax made me realise that the colour background that he’d brought would be much more in keeping with the image of said products – bravo choice Mr Wax.

Although I have my studio lights with medium sized softbox we used Mr Wax’s product shot tent. These are spring up tents with white sides designed to diffuse light as much as¬†possible. (Should have taken a photo to show but didn’t unfortunately) Initial setup was:

  1. Setup tent
  2. Setup lights
  3. Take light reading individually and adjust to acquired ratio (roughly similar)
  4. Take light reading with both on and set camera to this value. (ISO100, f8, 1/200 in this case)
  5. Take a custom white balance using a Grey card.
  6. Set up coloured/background paper, curved as desired – proped up against something (CD cases this time)
  7. Set up first products + take test shots.
  8. Adjust as desired (No patter how much you measure things initially – this always seems to happen – plan for it).
  9. Even though the camera was now set up to use a custom White Balance it’s also worth taking a picture of the scene in general with the grey card in it for future tweaking if need be.

Some (very quickly edited) samples

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To enquire and purchase their fine products please visit:

Their Website: http://www.mr-wax.com/.

Or e-bay shop : http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Wax-Industries-Emporium.

And Mr Wax himself at last years Chap Olympics.

Mr Wax at Chap Olympics

A note on which (Chap Olympics) – if you’d like a jolly fun day out in an open space in London and would like to come along – please visit the site of The Chap Olympiad :¬†http://www.thechapolympiad.com/

Tickets are already on sale. It is organised by the damn fine publication – The Chap.

My gallery from 2008 :¬†2008 Gallery¬†I’ve just realised that my set from 2010 is only on Facebook so I should copy¬†elsewhere.

Time-lapse with a twist

As mentioned before – through work I do a bit of time-lapse work. I’m not really involved with the collation of the images together into the video, but instead just the technicalities of getting the images in the first place.

So I do tend to keep an eye open for timelapse videos that come along. They are starting to get mre creative now – with HDR ones and ones on dollies that gradually move very very slowly with stepper motors.

Anyway – came across this one today – bit of a twist to it (ho ho). It’s a timelapse of stars moving across the sky (milky way I think) from an observatory in Chile – but someone has re-edited it so that the stars stay still and it’s the planet that moves. Nice twist – boom tish ūüėČ I’m a bit curious about the crazy buildings that twist and what I guess is a laser that goes up into the sky.

Anyway – here it is, enjoy.

Credits for original video:
ESO/José Francisco Salgado (http://www.josefrancisco.org)
ESO/S. Guisard (http://www.astrosurf.com/sguisard/)

PS – Yes I’d love to do something like this (with the stars) but there’s no chance unless I go to somewhere distant like the Scottish Highlands.

Modern Panic

Thought I’d share some photos that I was working on last night – from an art gallery (of sorts) opening on Friday. It’s still open until the 12th of June (7pm) so if you like what you see , or just regardless anyway, you can still go down there. Has a bit of everything – Photography, paintings, sculptures and some more bizarre stuff. All – what I guess you might call alternative, but not necessarily “modern art” (which on the whole I’m not keen on)

Didn’t realise it before going but a few friends were exhibiting also – Ben Hopper¬†and¬†Esinem.

Here’s Ben’s blog post on his set :¬†http://therealbenhopper.com/blog/2011/06/09/photographer-ben-hopper-presents-in-a-box/

On the opening night there were also a fair few performances randomly scattered around the place….. Oh of court when it’s about art it ‘s called “Space”. And it is fabulous “space” lovey darlings ūüėČ No really – it is. The place is called “The Old Abattoir” and I’ve seen other events being held there but never been before. No idea if it was a real abattoir or not. But it’s a wonderful mix of old walls, with or without plaster in various states, columns and pipes. Wonder if they do shoots there at all… hmm.

Anyway – you can find out more details at these links.


Or the facebook page

So some photos. Mostly of the exhibits/art but also people and performances.  Click on them to see a larger image.