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Wax industries product shoot

Just finished a quick informal product shoot for Mr Wax a friend, fellow Peckham resident and one of my Jive tutors ūüôā

Mr Wax is a purveyor of fine male grooming products, noteably the Bounder Moustache wax (Made from British Bees Wax and Caribbean Rum). All hand made and packaged by himself and fellow Wax industry aficionados. My impulse with any product shoot is to photograph the product on white but Mr Wax made me realise that the colour background that he’d brought would be much more in keeping with the image of said products – bravo choice Mr Wax.

Although I have my studio lights with medium sized softbox we used Mr Wax’s product shot tent. These are spring up tents with white sides designed to diffuse light as much as¬†possible. (Should have taken a photo to show but didn’t unfortunately) Initial setup was:

  1. Setup tent
  2. Setup lights
  3. Take light reading individually and adjust to acquired ratio (roughly similar)
  4. Take light reading with both on and set camera to this value. (ISO100, f8, 1/200 in this case)
  5. Take a custom white balance using a Grey card.
  6. Set up coloured/background paper, curved as desired – proped up against something (CD cases this time)
  7. Set up first products + take test shots.
  8. Adjust as desired (No patter how much you measure things initially – this always seems to happen – plan for it).
  9. Even though the camera was now set up to use a custom White Balance it’s also worth taking a picture of the scene in general with the grey card in it for future tweaking if need be.

Some (very quickly edited) samples

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To enquire and purchase their fine products please visit:

Their Website: http://www.mr-wax.com/.

Or e-bay shop : http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Wax-Industries-Emporium.

And Mr Wax himself at last years Chap Olympics.

Mr Wax at Chap Olympics

A note on which (Chap Olympics) – if you’d like a jolly fun day out in an open space in London and would like to come along – please visit the site of The Chap Olympiad :¬†http://www.thechapolympiad.com/

Tickets are already on sale. It is organised by the damn fine publication – The Chap.

My gallery from 2008 :¬†2008 Gallery¬†I’ve just realised that my set from 2010 is only on Facebook so I should copy¬†elsewhere.

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