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Walk for life & London Pride

London Pride is on tomorrow and although I have a late night tonight (Friday – a friends 40th) and again on Saturday – I’m going to go along – mainly because I’ve been asked to take photos for Terrence Higgins Trust – this has lead on from me taking photos for them at the annual Walk For life event. made me realise that I should have posted about it here – so here goes ūüôā

A while ago I thought that it would be good to do something worth while with my photography rather than just take pictures in clubs and at home – something for others but also make me feel good karma wise (I don’t “really” believe in karma in that it has an effect – but I like to believe in the idea of it – doing good for others etc etc). Que Smashie and Nicey “Charidy Mate” speal ūüėČ So I approached a few charities that I give money to monthly e.g. Amesty – but didn’t get much of a response. But a friend of mine (Hi Mikey *waves*) at the time worked for Crusaid – an aids charity that did work both here and in Africa. After a few E-mails I was asked to cover their Walk for life event – a¬†sponsored¬†walk around London (10k I think). It starts and ends in Potters field – between Tower Bridge and City Hall. At the end there’s some entertainment – bands/singers and the like. Mikey no longer works there but I’ve covered it for the last 3 years.

This year Crusaid merged/was taken over/however you want to put it with Terrence Higgins trust – so I covered it for them too. This year the celebs were Christian Clarke¬†(the gay guy from Eastenders – or so I’m told – I don’t watch soaps), Four poofs and a piano again, and Beverly Knight performing at the end. The year that Dannii Minogue turned up to start the walkers was a bit crazy as a load of¬†Paparazzi¬†turned up! Although I wasn’t keen on them before – I certainly don’t now – bunch of rude inconsiderate people.

Some photos included below.

Aaaand back to original point – will be at London Pride tomorrow starting about 12:30 from Portland place – quite possibly wearing a Terrence Higgins Trust T-shirt – come say Hi. Shall try to upload photos to hear sooner after the event than this load.

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