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Leica Lenses

Just another random tit-bit.

Came across this video of Leica Lens manufacturing online.

If you’re not a camera Buff – Leica’s are essentially the Roll’s Royce of the camera world. They may not be the biggest, quickest, or most functional of their market (i.e. cameras) but they do have that significant element of prestige and quality about them. However – you also pay for that!

Their current flag-ship I think is the M9 digital camera (BTW they’re not “SLR”s but instead Range-finders. If you don’t know what this is doesn’t really matter but google it if interested) which is a 18Mpx camera is a £5,000 camera! And what’s more – only does manual Focus!

But from this video you’ll probably see why there’s such a price-tag on their equipment.

I was interested in the possibility of a Leica a while ago as I was keen to get into street photography, possibly candid stuff (e.g. Henri Cartier Bresson was a famous Leica shooter). Leica’s are fairly compact especially their lenses. So I went along to their Mayfair shop. Wow did I feel like I was trespassing! one of these kind of shops where you need to ring the bell to get in and they will offer you a drink! Perfectly courteous towards me but I was most definitely out of my price-range depth.

In addition to the price though the big-turn off for me was the fact that even the modern Digital cameras were manual focus only was a significant no-go for me. I’ve come to rely on AutoFocus really – but even if I hadn’t – I could see that part of candid street stuff might be shooting from the hip – which would need some form of focusing….

Maybe one of these dew breed of mirror-less compacts, ot the Fuji X100. But first I’m going to upgrade my main camera (when Nikon get around to announcing one I want!) and then I’ll see about a carry-me-everywhere-camera.

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