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Chap Olympiad 2011

Been very busy of late, both social and work – part if this has been shoots and a holiday on a canal boat with my University friends (photos/videos to follow). However just before the little holiday I went to the Chap Olympiad event. I’ve been a couple of times before and there’s at least one set of photos on my main photography site. I finished editing the photos last night and have put them up on Facebook for now – may put best of the best on main site but thought I’d try a Facebook link here.

I don’t have a facebook page/group/thing as I think sites like MySpace etc come and go and prefer to direct most internet traffic to main sites or something I can control like this blog. However I wanted to share the photos with friends and those who went – so have made the gallery publicly visible – I hope you can see it (please let me know if it doesn’t work).

My Chap Olympiad 2011 photos

But here are a few favourites.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I would definitely suggest going to Chap Olympics if you’re into such fun dress up events.  You can sign up to news on their website : Chap Olympiad. It’s all good light-hearted fun. Everybody dresses up and you can compete in the Olympiad if you turn up earlyish (I think it usually opens 12 and you can register before 1pm). Events have included Cucumber Sandwich Discus, 100 yard saunter, bicycle  and umbrella jousting. The event is organised by the fine people at The Chap Magazine – also well worth a look.


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