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London Riots

First non photography blog entry and first video upload – not what I expected.

Ok – so everybody (in the UK( has hear what’s happening in London.

After Tottenham I really wasn’t expecting it to continue – but infact it’s escalated. These are a couple of clips that I took on my phone on my way home. We had to get off the bus – wasn’t too sure why initially (It wasn’t police stopping us but pedestrians heading in the other direction) although had seen 7 police Riot vans shoot past us and over-heard women on the bus saying there was trouble in Peckham. After getting off our bus – 2 buses ahead this was the scene that greeted me:

After this bus there was another parked and empty. There was a big cable drum on fire just ahead of it and then a couple of what looked like teenagers started dragging it towards this bus. Sadly I didn’t take any video but I was already very cautious as as well as innocent people – there were guys in hoodies with their faces covered all around me. Shortly after that there was a guy in hoodie + mask pouring what looked like petrol RIGHT in front of a big articulated truck. I indicated to the driver that he should back up – and just then sounded like someone threw something towards his side of the cab. Shortly after he did a quick U-turn in Peckham High street – causing the group on that side (largely masked) to scatter. Shortly later up the street I spotted some riot police and took this video:

Walking up Peckham High Street, seeing a smashed up Burger King I couldn’t go any further as the police were stopping us. Directing us around the back of the Lidl shop. Bit of a walk around I came to Rye Lane and a group of people watching on as masked hoodies looted a Clarks shop of all places! took some video but unfortunately trying to keep discreet with my phone by my waist I pointed it too low 😦 50m down the road there was a row of Riot Police – seemingly not doing much. All the looters were wearing hoods and masks – some as prepared as to have balaclavas on!

Neither of the above were in the really scary parts (masked people around me) those times I put the phone away….

After the London Bombings of 07/2005 I always thought that if something news-worthy happened close by I’d try to go cover it – but although not much scares me – I was a bit shaken up. Gladly wisdom kicked in and after arriving home I decided to stay there. I’ve read of photographers getting attacked. Although I’ve wanted to cover something news-worthy – lets face it – I’m not a press photographer, and personal safety comes above all else. If there wasn’t an obvious threat to personal safety I would be out there.

As I’m sure many people have and will mention – this seems to have very little to do with last weeks original issue in Tottenham (police shooting) but instead it looks like kids/teenagers doing a copy-cat thing and just looting.

For all the friends in affected areas – hope you’re all safe.

2 responses

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  2. Daf

    news article from the guardian about photographers being mugged during the troubles. Probably a good thing I didn’t go out again.

    September 7, 2011 at 12:19 pm

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