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Shopping around – Memory Cards

Yes – I am one of those people that will shop around and research things like hell. I blame my father – he does the same and has drilled “research” into us as kids. But in all honesty – I do enjoy it. I’m not a gambling man – but I do enjoy saving money – each to their own.

I usually do this for anything in £ double figures and above really – putting varying amount of effort into it.

I have on occasion thought that I should do a website for it and automate it – but by now there are plenty of those around e.g. http://www.camerapricebuster.co.uk (great site BTW)

They sometimes fall short though – and at the moment, because I’m looking to go to Kenya to cover a friends wedding next week – I’m looking for memory cards. I have 2x 4Gb and a couple others e.g. 1x 2Gb and 1x 1Gb But as I shoot RAW at weddings – they have a habbit of filling up very quickly. In the UK I’ve lugged my netbook around with me and offloaded cards onto there as they get full – but in Kenya I want to be less reliant on it – so decided to buy a big card – either 16Gb or 32Gb – so had a look around.

The main two makes in terms of pro cards are Lexar and Sandisk – so I’ve decided to stick with those. There seems to be two main speeds level available at the moment – 400x and 600x

My cards at the moment – from those mentioned above I have 3 Sandisk and 1 Lexar – the most recent 3 being Sandisk – but I’m not averse to trying Lexar again…. especially if the price is right.

So here are the Pro level Compact Flash cards that I found on the main sites :

Make Speed Size 7day Amazon Warehouse Jessops play.com MyMemory
Lexar 600x (UDMA) 16Gb £80 £82 £139 £95 £80
600x (UDMA) 32Gb £164 £239 £177
400x (60Mb/s) 16Gb £60 £58 £79 £61 £53
400x (60Mb/s) 32Gb £117 £105 £139 £100
Sandisk 600x (90Mb/s) 16Gb £100 £91 £149 £159 £111
600x (90Mb/s) 32Gb £195 £164 £235 £300 £201
400x (60Mb/s) 16Gb £60.64 £79 £95 £61 £73
400x (60Mb/s) 32Gb £113 £161 £180 £145 £130
400x (60Mb/s) 2x16Gb £143
UDAM7 – 100Mb/s 128Gb £635

(7day = 7dayshop; Warehouse = warehouse express

Since I’m not shooting video or sports – I think size will be the main priority here, and also ease in a way – if 2x16Gb cost the same as one 32Gb – I’d go for the 32 just so that I don’t have to swap out.

On a couple of lines – there is quite some saving to be had! E.g. compare the 16Gb 600x at 7dayshop for £80 compared to that at Warehouse Express for £139! A saving of £59 on an £80 item! Shopping around is not to be dismissed. I have bought stuff with Warehouse express for work before and they’re good suppliers – so it’s surprising to see this kind of difference.

If you’re wondering – yes the 128Gb card exists! And no I won’t buy it 😉

For my 32Gb craving, and on price generally I think I’m going to go for the Lexar 400x 32Gb from either Amazon or MyMemory – checking on postage costs and stock levels. Hope Lexar won’t let me down and make me regret swaping from Sandisk – shouldn’t do really.

Lexar Pro 400x 32Gb

One final word of warning – memory cards are one of the most copied / counterfited items around.  So if a price is too good to be true from an eBay or Amazon Marketplace seller – then it probably is too good. Have a search – there are lots of counterfeit guides on eBay for checking your cards.

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