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Archive for November, 2011

Producing a picture from 5×4 camera

Although I know of and have seen 5×4 cameras – having never used one I’ve not REALLY known what it takes to take and produce a picture using one. And of course in the physical world of film – “producing a picture” also means making a print.

Found this on PetaPixel, found it interesting and thought I’d share.

Political / Environmental Art Photographer

Another video from Fstoppers.

Starting to watch this video I thought I’d be posting it here as an example of photographs being taken/used to make a difference in the world i.e. political leverage. But that sort of content is minimal in the video – instead – I just love his narrative – it’s a lovely mix of technical and arty – sometimes photographers can be terribly technical (myself included) or overly arty-farty and up their own backsides – but Jack Gescheidt‘s narrative is just an honest, forthright and dignified account of his project. Love the fact he’s so honest – admitting that as well as reasons of anonymity – nudes are used as an impact tool – to get people talking.

So filed under Bits of Interest + Ramblings 🙂