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New toy – Wacom Intuos 5

My new purchase:

Although I don’t really do retouching* on the majority of my photography, such as events, I have got into it with studio shoots – be it portraits or product shots. A higher standard of image is expected so will go into this level of detail.

When doing this I have on occasion felt that using the mouse hasn’t been the best option and so for a while I’ve thought about trying out a pen tablet. THE name in these is Wacom. They have all kinds of pen tablets from small “fun” tablets up to screen displays that will work as direct editing tools. Being the cheapskate that I am I’ve only been really considering their small fun range – the “Bamboo” range.

However……. Going to Focus on Imaging show last week and being disappointed at not buying anything I wanted (Lens savings weren’t very good; Monitors were out of my price range; background paper not of the size I wanted) I rather succumbed to an impulse to buy one of their new Intuos 5 range  – this is the pro level tablet. Although it was suggested to me that I really should be going for the “Medium” size tablet – I was rather swayed by the prices:

Medium – £329

Small – £166 (down from £199)

Also – the main selling point at the show – they were packaging them with a free wireless kit (usual price £35).

So the above pictures pen-tablet is now sitting on my desk 🙂 Here’s the whole Intuos 5 range which was only introduced at the beginning of the month:

(Yes mine’s the small one)

And the publicity video:

This weekend was mostly spent learning the ins and outs of using it. Mostly how to use the express keys (aka buttons), stylus and adjustment wheel. Have yet to use it properly on retouching but quite possibly this evening sometime. I’ll try to do an update post sometime.

Thought I’d put together a table to compare the “small” tablets currently available in the UK.

Some stats I collected

Bamboo-Pen Bamboo – Pen + touch Fun – pen + touch Intuos 5 Small
Active Area(mm) 147×92 147×92 217×137 157×98
Resolution (lpi) 2540 2540 2540 5080
Pressure levels 1024 1024 1024 2048
Buttons 0 4 0? 6+wheel
Price £48 £75 £90 £166 (£199)

This is soon to change though as Wacom have replaced the existing Bamboo models with the Connect, Capture and Create models in the US – which I assume will be available in Europe in a bit.

*Retouching : What I consider retouching is where you replace specific pixels or only part of the picture – such as cleaning up skin blemishes. For events I usually don’t do this – just lighten/darken/etc the picture as a whole. Usually refer to this as just “editing”. I don’t know if this is a universal definition – but it is mine.

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