A home for the things I think are worthy of sharing. Will largely be photography based.

A blog post about me!

…. well kind of.

I took some jewellry photos for my friend Ellie a few years ago and as she’s back into it and blogging – has done a blog about yours truly – Check out Ellie’s Jewellery blog here.

eanjewellery Cufflinks

Ameoba Cufflinks - Silver and Enamel

Lighting stuff like jewellery can be tricky. Stuff you have to keep an eye on:

  • White Balance – be sure everything is of the right colour. A Grey card helps.
  • White background is light, but
  • Silver Jewellery is still visible and shinning, or
  • If on Black – contrast is sufficient.
  • You don’t see obvious light source reflections (soften them using something like a light tent).
  • You don’t see reflections of yourself/kit/room

Will do a post about it and light tents etc sometime, but this is just a quickie for now.

Oh and go buy Ellie’s lovely enamel/silver jewellery. (My sister has had one of her necklaces in the past 🙂 )

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