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Bullet time + Painting with light

Ok – so you’ve all seen painting with light – some examples better than others.

And you’ve probably seen Matrix-esque “Bullet-time”  setups where there are lots of cameras in a ring all fired at the same time or in very quick succession with the resulting shots turned into an animated gif or video.

Well this is a combination of both 🙂 Pretty Nifty I thought – so sharing.

Originally seen via Peta Pixel.

Pulitzer Prize 2012

Well …. seems I’ve been passed over again 😉

Just a quick post to mention that Pulitzer Prize 2012 winners have been announced.

The number of photography awards can vary years to year, this year there are two:

 Feature Photography – Craig F. Walker of The Denver Post

Breaking News Photography – Massoud Hossaini of Agence France-Presse

Here’s the winner for Breaking News Photography (see above link for more details):

Ashural Bombing - by Massoud Hossaini of AFP

For those interested in the Photography of Pulitzer – there is a book called “Moments – The Pulitzer Prize Winning Photographs” however it’s now out of print so hard to get hold of. Also as years go buy it’s been updated so there are numerous versions of the book too. I have one, think the 2002 version – I’ve yet to go through it in detail. I THINK there might be a version from 2007.


Kezia Argue Designs – Product shoot

Kezia Argue Beret

I seem to be doing a few product shoots recently. As I don’t really advertise or sell myself other than having a website or this blog (no facebook page even!) they’re either for friends or friends of friends. About a fortnight ago I did a shoot for my friend Kezia who I’ve known for a while but more so since moving to Peckham – she lives around the corner and gives me Jive lessons 🙂

She’s beed doing wigs, hats and head pieces for a while but has just launched her new website : Kezia Argue Designs and needed some photos for it – getting “pro” quality and standardised photos, and so I was happy to oblige.

Here’s one of each that I did for her:

We tried doing the white hats on white background and it worked mostly but they certainly stood out more on blackground, but especially with the netting.

The trick with a white background is to over-expose it just enough so that it turns to white, but not so much that it affects the item in front of it – and with the netting this was happening.

Her website again : http://kezia-argue.com

And Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/keziaarguedesigns

If you fancy one of these or something custom please drop her a line.

Lacing Lilith Latex Couture + Colour Toning

Becky Burton wearing Lacing Lilith Latex

It’s been a long while since I’ve put something up on my main site but I’ve finally done it!

I had a shoot with with friends from Lacing Lilith Latex Couture over a year ago now! At the time they said they’d do the editing for their own site and so the set went to the back of my editing queue. But of late I’ve been managing to get through things and so came around to this set. Lacing lilith crew specifically asked me to do a fairly basic setup – with a plain light background which would allow them greater flexibility for edits – and so this also gave me such an opportunity.

Up to now my editing has been if not basic, certainly standard – possibly retouching on some images but on the whole correcting blemishes and lighting – no special or additional styling styling other than possibly turning an image to Black and White. Having seen many a fashion shoot styled with toning I fancied giving it a try.

There seems to be numerous ways to tone an image – some are basic and will usually only offer a single colour in one layer, while others can add multiple colouring options. Some possible options I found :

  • Fill Layer (Solid Colour): Basic, just adding a solid fill colour, however it’s possible to mask it or change the blend mode to affect one area.
  • Curves : Add a curve and adjust it differently only the individual channels – this allows different colour adjustment throughout the lights to darks.
  • Colour Balance : Add a colour balance layer – adjusting the colour by Highlights, Midtones or Shadows.

While Curves gave more control over which luminosity you’d change – a colour Balance layer seemed to give more control, or easier control over which colours you could choose – and so I mainly used this technique. Here’s an example of one of the adjustment layers I added:

Colour Balance Layer

As I’m new to this I won’t go into an in-depth tutorial and as everybody who tries a new technique I’m probably overdoing it, but c’est la vie.

These are the main steps I used to edit the photos:

  1. Duplicate layer and do a general fix such as hairs, major blemishes, etc
  2. Adjust eyes – brighten, whiten, enhance colour.
  3. Skin, hair and eyes: Smooth skin + background (slightly), sharpen eyes and hair.
  4. Lighten & darken some areas of the subject e.g. hair, clothes etc.
  5. Darken the background
  6. Colour/shade

And a selection:

Sohui wearing Lacing Lilith Latex  Becky Burton wearing Lacing Lilith Latex

Guy wearing Lacing Lilith red Latex Jacket Becky Burton wearing Lacing Lilith Latex

The whole set is here : Lacing Lilith Latex Couture.

Links to some involved:


Lacing Lilith : https://www.facebook.com/lacinglilithlatexcouture


Sohui : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sohui/105472156166190

Becky : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Becky-Burton-Model/116486168372703


Roseanna Velin : https://www.facebook.com/roseannamakeupartist?ref=ts

Canon 5d Mkiii vs Nikon D800

I’ve considered doing a post on the D800 for a while because I’v ordered it (Woohoo – long awaited upgrade!) but as I’ve not actually got it yet – and no idea when it will turn up as yet – I thought I might as well wait.

But this video popped up on one of my feeds so thought I’d share it too. Rather amusing….