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Kezia Argue Designs – Product shoot

I seem to be doing a few product shoots recently. As I don’t really advertise or sell myself other than having a website or this blog (no facebook page even!) they’re either for friends or friends of friends. About a fortnight ago I did a shoot for my friend Kezia who I’ve known for a while but more so since moving to Peckham – she lives around the corner and gives me Jive lessons 🙂

She’s beed doing wigs, hats and head pieces for a while but has just launched her new website : Kezia Argue Designs and needed some photos for it – getting “pro” quality and standardised photos, and so I was happy to oblige.

Here’s one of each that I did for her:

We tried doing the white hats on white background and it worked mostly but they certainly stood out more on blackground, but especially with the netting.

The trick with a white background is to over-expose it just enough so that it turns to white, but not so much that it affects the item in front of it – and with the netting this was happening.

Her website again : http://kezia-argue.com

And Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/keziaarguedesigns

If you fancy one of these or something custom please drop her a line.

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