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Movember Progress

Oh damn – I totally forgot to put some Movember updates up here. All friends are likely bored of my Facebook posts anyway.

Here’s a couple more photos.

Remember – it’s all towards a good cause and if you donate over £16 to me or my team you coud win lots of shiny camera/video gear!


See the ever increasing list of prizes at Philip Blooms site – our team leader and organiser of the prizes.

And it’s not all about money of course – Prostate Cancer affects 1 men in 6!! So if there’s a history of it in your family you should get yourself checked sometime.

EDIT: Although Movember funds are open until April – you only have a few hours left to donate and enter the prize draw of my team. Minimum donation and instructions info here : http://gopb.co/movember

The Many Lives of William Klein

Recently come across this iPlayer showing of an episode of the “imagine…” series on BBC which is about William Klein and thought I’d share. (UK only unless you’re going through a proxy))

On the whole I don’t know much of well known photographers and hadn’t heard of William Klein before either. But apparently he was listed as No 25 in Professional Photographers 100 most influential photographers.

Anyway – this is well worth a watch if you’re into photography and in particular 50s street photography from New York or fashion photography of the same era. It’s a testament to the strength of doing things your own way. His comments can be quite cutting and to the point but in not too unpleasant a way – quite funny infact. You can tell from a few of the scenes that he really likes people of all kinds ….. other than fools of course 😉



Lytro geekery

Although not a massive geek in things IT and only a bit in Photography the whole Lytro thing does get the inspiration/geek mojo going – exciting science.

Just seen that Lytro are introducing new software to do “stuff” that is fairly cool:

Although not hugely amazing in terms of being able to walk around a scene or anything like that – it is still rather cool.

If you’re not aware of Lytro – it’s the camera where you can change focus after taking the picture! There are plenty of examples on their YouTube page. When it was first announced I thought – oh – it’ll only be a fad. And I still think it’s a little bit of a fad and will unlikely have a place in “serious” photography or at least for a while yet – mostly as you need a special viewer to use the pictures fully – but I now think it’s rather cool and fun. The “cool” bit is the geeky science behind it – the “light field” technology. As I understand it : when recording the light hitting the sensor (as normal digital cameras do) they can also measure in what direction all the light was travelling in – be it photons or pixels. And with this data – then can calculate where the light would be a bit earlier or later and so mathematically alter where the virtual sensor is – thus changing focal point. I assume that this perspective addition is similar but different mathematics.

When announced I was expecting them to be massive and expensive – but they’re actually quite small – compact camera size!


They’reselling for $499 and $399 so ~ £250 and £320.
Am I tempted to get one – well a little, just for the geekery. Will I ? Probably not, although not new at full price…. Seeing as they don’t currently have an outlet/distributor in the UK I guess 2nd hand ones won’t be available in the UK for a while yet.

New Sigma lens can be connected to a Computer!

Bit of a geek-out post this!

Sigma have announced a new 35mm f/1.4 lens. Priced at $899

Nothing massively interesting there – although I would have hoped it would be cheaper – mind you – Nikon 35mm f/1.4G is £1299!

BUT the funky-doo-dah thing is that you can buy an optional part that allows you to connect the lens to a computer! Not to take photos of course ,as this would need an imaging chip – but to update the lens itself! i.e. adjust the internal lenses, updating firmware etc! Some cameras have micro-adjustment settings to fine-tune them per lens – but this means you can do it directly to the lens without including the camera – which I guess should mean that it will be optimized for all cameras. I didn’t even know lenses had firmware! Updating is done via the software Sigma optimization Pro.


(Via PetaPixel)


4th Nov - Movember

Not a photography item – but rather a personal one.

You’ve likely heard of Movember – well I’m taking part this year 🙂
Movember is a cancer charity about and against common male cancer issues i.e. Prostate and Testicular cancer. Many cancers are curable these days if caught early – however guys being guys – we’ll often not go to the doctors if we spot something. So as well as fund-raising Movember is about awareness too. Part of the registration phase for the website is to click that you’ve gone for a health check – I like that.

I’m going to be photographing my “mo” progress over the month and hope to compile a short time-lapse of my moustache. Couple of quick shots below – on the morning of the 1st after a shave and then just now – evening of the 4th.

1st Nov - Movember4th Nov - Movember

Additionally I’ve joined the Movember team of Phill Bloom – a famous videographer and blogger. He’s managed to get a load of video and camera suppliers to donate equipment for a prize draw. There are two ways to win – creating a video about/for the cause and to donate more than $14/£20 either to someone who’s part of the team or to the team in general. So if you fancy donating to me (please) – you can actually win some pretty impressive equipment! See here for details – you need to mail him your donation receipt.

I would be tempted to create a video but I’ve not really done anything like that before and don’t know what i could cover. May yet think of something.

More updates to come.

Here’s my Movember / Mo-space page.