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Joey L. : Varansai : “Beyond”

Just watched Joey L.’s free on-line documentary : Varanasi, India: “Beyond”

(Please watch it in HD full screen, not in this little window)

Its partly about Varanasi and the Sadu’s but also partially about their journey and photography/cinematography.

Other than the fact that I think Joey L. is amazingly talented there are a few things that I really like in the documentary :

The fact that they don’t storm in to taking photos – they take a little time to get to know people and get their trust first and have a brief relationship – which I guess when most of us go on holiday we don’t have the luxury of time.

And also the fact that although his equipment is top-notch (e.g. digial medium format) – the setup is relatively simple but gets stunning results. Must be very careful in matching the flash to the ambient light.

Don McCullin film


There seem to be quite a few Photographer based Documentaries in the works at the moment!

Just seen (via Photo Archive News) that there’s one about Don McCullin showing in London at the moment! May go and see. Although there are a few conflict photography films I have on DVD but yet to watch e.g. Bang Bang Club.

I only realised that Don McCullin was still alive a year or so ago. Since then I’ve :

– Been to see his exhibition at the Imperial war museum which was very impressive – including his famous Nikon which stopped a bullet.


– Just got his autobiography this Christmas (but not read yet) : “Unreasonable Behaviour: An Autobiography”.



– And also realised I’ve lived a couple of streets away from where he grew up in Finsbury Park


Anyway – I have lot of respect for the guy – not just because of photography skill – but how he talks with compassion and emotion about how, what and why he photographed and also the effect it had on him.

Here’s a trailer:

It’s currently showing at the Curzon in Soho.  It looks like it’s showing up to an including Jan 17th. ICA is also showing – but ending same day.