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Going Solo ?

A topic I often reflect on is the possibility of going it out solo / alone…..

Having worked in IT for almost 14 years I’ve never actually freelanced. I’ve always been a PAYE employee. In all that period I’ve only been out of work something like 2-3 months – most of it when made redundant 6 years ago. I didn’t try to “go alone” in any way – I just hit the job sites and search, search, searched for IT work in Photography which I eventually found.  So from time to time when thinking about photography, inspirational entrepreneurs when reading Wired, and stories like Instagram etc I wonder what it would be like to go it solo. Start my own company, do something I’m passionate about and be my own boss.

The prospect is quite scary to me. Especially in the current climate and when reading so many photography blogs about it being a bad time for the industry either due to spending cuts or so many “weekend warriors” (such as myself) taking the work of full time pros.

However it is also quite appealing. Both for the creativity but also other aspects – such as being your own boss.  Sometimes I feel like I’m hitting my head against a brick wall when dealing with bosses. Also hearing stories about the founders of .com’s such as Twitter, instagram, GoPro, Facebook and so on makes me think that to “make it big” you have to take a bold step into the unknown.

Will I ever do it ?

I don’t know. Currently my safety net or the Satatus Quo is to safe to let go. I guess there is the option of doing something part time – but I never seem to have spare time for anything.

But for those that do – I salute you.

What started this ramble ?

This video which I found at: Roadhouse Relics Blog, via a Zack Arias Q&A answer about business going badly.

The video is very inspiring, but Zack’s blog post very scary. Both seem to go hand in hand on this topic.

DJ Steve Morley

It’s occurred to me that I’ve not done a blog post in quite a while – and more-so about my own stuff/photography.

Well – just so happens that I did a quick shoot with DJ Steve Morley recently. He needed some basic studio shots for his agency and upcoming webcast.

Not done a DJ press shoot for quite a while as I’ve been out of the Club scene for a bit now – but it was nice to do a set again.

So we did a shoot at my home studio. Mainly two lights – key light and combined background/rim light. Mostly on plain white and some on design wallpaper. He had a couple of looks that he wanted to emulate and so we largely went with those. Although I fancy doing more creative outdoor shoots generally these days – often press shots will call for a plain background so that designers can easily drop it into existing designs.

Steve’s Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/SteveMorleyDJ

And Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/steve-morley-official

An example of some shots: