A home for the things I think are worthy of sharing. Will largely be photography based.

DJ Steve Morley

It’s occurred to me that I’ve not done a blog post in quite a while – and more-so about my own stuff/photography.

Well – just so happens that I did a quick shoot with DJ Steve Morley recently. He needed some basic studio shots for his agency and upcoming webcast.

Not done a DJ press shoot for quite a while as I’ve been out of the Club scene for a bit now – but it was nice to do a set again.

So we did a shoot at my home studio. Mainly two lights – key light and combined background/rim light. Mostly on plain white and some on design wallpaper. He had a couple of looks that he wanted to emulate and so we largely went with those. Although I fancy doing more creative outdoor shoots generally these days – often press shots will call for a plain background so that designers can easily drop it into existing designs.

Steve’s Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/SteveMorleyDJ

And Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/steve-morley-official

An example of some shots:

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