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Inspiring Behind The Scenes videos

You’ve all likely seen the great looking Milk/Pinup photos by Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz.

Milk by Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz

While browsing another site – I came across a link to a behind the scenes video he’s done. Seems he has a few and I find them all rather good – to the point, informative, and inspirational.

It’s interesting how he makes things look so simple, yet puts a huge amount of planning and setting up into a couple of them (e.g. The Trial)

The videos on his site are here : http://aurumlight.com/!videos

Or his Vimeo Channel.

Here a re a few:

Tim Hetherington Documentary

Browsing through one of the usual free London papers last week I spotted a piece reviewing a new Documentary about the War Photographer Tim Hetherington.

Most people into photography and quite a few others will be aware of him by now – he was the British Photographer who was killed while covering the Syrian conflict. He was the co director/videographer of the Restrepo film.

This documentary-film is called : “Which way is the Front line from here : The life and time of Tim Heatherington” and is by HBO.


The review seemed to be quite favourable – as have other reviews I can find.

I’ve not seen it yet and can’t find any UK showing times – so sounds like it’s something we’ll have to watch online or buy.

Correction: Just found it’s showing in Peckham and Romford: http://goo.gl/O3IaSR Which in a way is lucky – as I live in Peckham! BUT it seems to start 16:00 – and I don’t finish work until 17:30 – darn. It’s only on today (Wednesday) and Thursday. SO back to the online/purchase option.

HBO have it on their website, but not sure if it will be available outside of the UK.

Amazon has the DVD for £12.15.

The Documentary has a Facebook Page which may have more information later.


Here’s the trailer:

New Nikon UK Cashback

Nikon UK have launched a new cashback deal – and for a change they fainally have some decent stuff in there not just low end SLR-lens bundles! Finally. Canon always seem to have better cashback deals with a full range of lenses etc.



Having a D800 I’d only really consider FX lenses.

The 70-200mm f2.8 VR II is a lens I’ve considered for a while – I already have a Sigma 70-200 but it’s an old model and has no VR. But then I don’t use it very often so not sure I can justify the expense. £160 cashback makes it a bit more appealing.

Cashback is on items bought between today (16th October) and 26th Jan. Claims have to be in by 24th Feb. See the link above.



Cashback Value














DX Lens

35mm F1.8


40mm F2.8


55-200MM nonVR


55-200MM VR


55-300mm VR




18-140mm VR


18-200mm VR II


18-300mm VR


FX Lens

70-300MM VR




28-300mm VR




70-200MM VR II









Nikon 1











EDG 7 x 42 DCF
EDG 8 x 42 DCF
EDG 10 x 42 DCF
EDG 8 x 32 DCF
EDG 10 x 32 DCF


World Zombie Day : London : 2013

Yesterday was World Zombie Day – a fun flashmob event that happens across the world – I went along to the London walk for the second time.
I’d definately advise going – it’s a whole load of fun.

My Photos: