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Nikon NPU vs NPS

Have just come a cropper of something regarding Nikon Professional scheme which is partially my fault but I think could be made clearer. Thought I’d highlight it to avoid others doing the same.

I’ve been a member of a/the Nikon UK professional scheme for several years. I’ve never really used it other than getting the Nikon Professional publication which I’ve enjoyed. However sending my camera in for a Warranty repair recently I’ve tried to use one of these services only to find out it didn’t apply in my case.

I knew that for Nikon worldwide the requirements were different from that of the UK scheme – but I’ve come to realise that they are actually different schemes and have different names.


Nikon Professional Services (UK + Worldwide)

Nikon NPS


In essence to be a member you need to be “anyone engaged as a full-time professional photographer” and have a number of equipment – “you need to own at least 6 pieces of professional equipment from the list below, 2 of which should be professional camera bodies.

I knew that this last part was different – but didn’t realise the schemes were different.


Nikon Professional User (UK)

Nikon NPU


Having the requirements of: “you need to own at least two pieces of equipment form the Nikon Professional body and lens range, one of which should be a camera body.”

So a lot less. I own six pieces from the list – but the D200 has now been downgraded (was included originally) and so only my D800 counts as a professional body.

Different benefits of both schemes:


  • Membership Card
  • Nikon Pro Magazine
  • Notice of new Products
  • Invitation to Seminars
  • Discount training
  • Freefone Technical Support

  • Membership card
  • Nikon Pro Magazine
  • Notice of new products
  • Invitation to Seminars
  • Discount training
  • Freefone Technical Report
  • Priority allocation scheme
  • Support Depots at major events
  • International support
  • Pro-track express service
  • Loan equipment if service repaired

You can see there is a fair difference – and it was these two highlighted items (pro-track express service & loan equipment) that I had hoped

The lists of professional Products

UK : http://www.nikon.co.uk/sites/npsapplication/productlist.aspx

US: http://nikonpro.com/Renewal-NPS-Equipment-List.pdf

They seem to differ slightly – not sure if the UK list is just slightly out of date – I would have expected the D600 to be on UK list. Maybe the DF on both.

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