A home for the things I think are worthy of sharing. Will largely be photography based.


I assume that most people coming here will already know who I am and what I do, but best put something here just for the benefit of those that might come here by accident.

There are many ways of putting it : “Serious amateur, semi-pro, freelance, intermediate” but whichever term you prefer – essentially photography is my life, although I’m not a full time pro. I have done various paid work – but in all honesty it only really pays for itself.

I do however work in the field to a certain respect – I’m an IT Manager/Senior developer for a firm that works as an Image library, photographers agency, and software company making systems for small to medium image libraries – or large companies/government bodies that need an image library like solution.

As such – I come across various interesting things to do with photography and imaging daily – some of which I’ll share here.

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