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Digital Age

Although I could ramble on for most likely hours on the topic – this is just a quickie.

Just came across an interesting looking trailer about creativity and digital age / culture.

Found it via a link on Chase Jarvis’ Blog post here.

Site for Press Pause Play, looks like it was our March 2011.

You often hear people in various creative outlets bemoan the fact that it’s harder to earn a living due to similar aspects – usually people doing it for free/less. I think the internet and “digital” age are the main 2 contributing factors.

“Digital” – means it’s easy to capture/make/creat/modify e.g. Digital cameras

“Internet” – change distribution, delivery and discovery of content that can be digitised forever.

I guess to some pro photographers I might be part of the problem – I probably work for less than they can, and sometimes for free. But even though the whole Digital thing has emphasised and exaggeration this – I don’t think it’s caused it. It’s always been the case that amateurs or semi-pro’s have chased the heels of the pros.

Pro’s – if you can’t hack it you either need to do it better than the amateurs to justify your fee, do it differently/innovatively, or do something else. That’s how it is, and how it has always beem. (Mind you – I do also sympathise – especially when you see some of the rubbish some people can produce yet get paid)

I wonder what the film will have to say.