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Political / Environmental Art Photographer

Another video from Fstoppers.

Starting to watch this video I thought I’d be posting it here as an example of photographs being taken/used to make a difference in the world i.e. political leverage. But that sort of content is minimal in the video – instead – I just love his narrative – it’s a lovely mix of technical and arty – sometimes photographers can be terribly technical (myself included) or overly arty-farty and up their own backsides – but Jack Gescheidt‘s narrative is just an honest, forthright and dignified account of his project. Love the fact he’s so honest – admitting that as well as reasons of anonymity – nudes are used as an impact tool – to get people talking.

So filed under Bits of Interest + Ramblings 🙂

The Stolen Scream/Images (via Fstoppers)


Fairly soon I’m going to put up a post of a whole load of interesting links that I’ve collected over time – a mixture of blogs,news sites, photographer portfolios etc etc that I’ve collected gradually – but a firm favourite of mine is Fstoppers. Fstoppers is primarily a BTS (Behind The Scenes) video sites where photographers, or anybody can send them interesting Behind the scenes videos of shoots etc, however it also sometimes has other photography or imaging related videos, this is one of those.

The Stolen Scream / [“Stolen” images]

When it comes to copyright “protection” I’m torn between two opposites – at heart I am a bit of a hippy – I would love a utopian society where people do what they do for the love of it and are happy to share and give others credit – I am however also a realist and work for an Image library – where using image without permission = theft.

This is a fascinating story about an image being uploaded to a website (flickr in this case) and spreading it’s way through both the internet and the “real” world. I think most people would understand both the photographers pride and pleasure at seeing the image being spread like this – but also frustration at not getting the credit he deserves or financial reward for his creativity.

(More on the story:http://fstoppers.com/fstoppers-original-the-stolen-scream/)

My stance generally, with my photos, is that if a person or charity etc asks me politely to use one of my photos or for a copy – I will usually say – yeah – go ahead and I’d appreciate credit if online / in print etc – partially as  – well I’m a decent person but also because I’m terrible at asking for money ;).  If however a large company or other such profit making body were to ask – I would of course ask to be compensated i.e. £ – after all – my equipment costs money (several thousands of pounds in some years) and my time and effort to create images is of value to me. I’m not a pro but these things are still pricey and precious.

For these reasons I have avoided such schemes as Creative Common License – Not that I won’t allow free usage of my photos – but I like to know who, where, and ensure correct credit etc. Plus the danger is – once you’ve declared it under such a scheme – it’s practically impossible to change your mind and go back – anybody that uses the photo under the original terms can just claim that they got it when it was under CCL.

A very famous case is the Obama “HOPE” poster – the artist didn’t get permission to use the original photograph and as such the case has been in and out of courts ever since. Now been resolved though.