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GoPro London to Brighton Video

Stepper Bike UK Do London to Brighton - clapham

Here’s a little video that friends and I recorded last June during the London to Brighton Bike ride.

My friend Zoe is the main person behind the UK distribution of Stepper bikes: http://www.3gstepperbike.co.uk. She’d got a team of friends together to do the charity ride on them and asked me if I could do some photography for them. I thought we could do better than just photography – why not video it using the GoPro’s we have at work!

So armed with 6 GoPros and various attachments we kitted out their bikes and one helmet to record it. Needless to say we have HOURS of footage. I’ve only recently found time (and remembered!) to put something together. The internet being what it is with a short attention span I wanted the video to be limited to 3-5 minutes. So I found a suitable song and put a few clips together. Shame it’s so short but it meant only one (long) evening for me.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/63502580]

After producing this someone mentioned that Premiere Pro has a stabilising effect inbuilt – if only I’d known! Don’t fancy re-doing it as I’d have to upload separately and Vimeo free account will only allow one HD video a week.

And a few photos.

GoPro video fun

In November I went to Kenya to photograph my friends Ed + Poppy’s wedding. Rather than just the wedding we had a week at a beach resort, the wedding on the Friday, and then week after a few of us went on Safari. So watch this space for lots of safari photos and some wedding photos. I’ll probably go into depth about the fortnight in another post.

But thought I’d share this – I also took along a GoPro. Tried it in the pool a few times but there’s only so much you can do with it without creeping people out 😉 However the wedding party (or at least pre-week group) as a whole all went on a Dhow trip. A Dhow is a traditional kind of boat.

This is of course recorded with the waterproof casing.

I recorded at 60fps (Frames per second) which is roughly double speed of what standard videos are – the benefit of doing so is that you can later slow it down without it being too juddery, or that’s the theory at least.

This is a compilation I put together from that footage. Some is real time (and I’ve generally left the sound in a bit on these), some half speed I think and some at a third. (Afraid I did it a while ago so can’t remember exactly).

The shots of guys (Ed the groom + others) jumping in towards the end are the pieces that are slowed down the most. Opening and ending sequence are also slowed down a bit too – although you might not be able to tell. I think it looks a lot better – steady waves or swell of the sea.

All put together in Premiere Pro. I think it’s worked better than the colour on my canal boat timelapse. One thing I had read was that Premiere Pro didn’t cope well with GoPro mp4’s – so I re-encoded them first using Streamclip.  Essentially just open it and then SaveAs “mov” –  it will re-package the video without affecting the actual frames themselves. This video lark is quite complicated.

Oh – it’s also worth updating your Premiere Pro if using CS4 – there are pre-made HD sequence packages that prove quite handy.

Oh – and apologies for the thumb in shot occasionally 😉 Something to remember when using a fisheye gopro next time. Left that in as it’s only a bit of fun video.

Experience Human Flight

This video has been making the rounds on some photography blogs – thought I might as well share it too. Beautiful and peaceful video of skydiving while most then to be action packed and adrenalin pumping.

By Betty Wants In in Ozz

Filmed on the little Go-Pro’s that I’ve already mentioned earlier in the blog – although I’m using them for timelapse by design they’re for extreme sports videos.

This footage is obviously slowed down.  Although the GoPro can shoot 60fps (frames per second) at certain resolutions (most films are at about 25-ISH fps – this seems to be sufficient for the human eye/brain to not see the individual frames-  so you shoot at higher speeds to then slow it down and still have enough frames so that it’s not juddery) Brett does say on the above link that it has been slowed down with an application called Twixtor.

Unfortunately for me – this kind of stuff is still a long way off. Although work have 8 GoPro’s – they’re still needed for timelapse for another 8 weeks or so, my current SLR (D200) doesn’t record video and more importantly – to take a camera of any sorts up skydiving you need a C-license, which amongst other things has a minimum jump number of 200.  I’m currently only on A-license and 37 jumps. Such a long way away – but I’d so love to take a camera up (and be able to move around properly using it 😉 )

GoPro fun

Look what just got delivered !

8 x GoPro HD cameras!

Sorry for the poor cameraphone picture and no more details – very busy and have lots to do – will post more on Sunday Hopefully.