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Gig: Status Quo Acoustic at Roundhouse

Just come back and edited the set from Status Quo’s acoustic set at Roundhouse. It was a concert put on by BBC Radio 2 and was put out live on the air. (This will be last night – will make this post live during the day)

Found it a little intimidating that they were SOO close to the front of the stage. Also being 6’2″ a little guilty that I was right in front of them for four songs (rather than the usual 3). Could easily have reached out and touched them. Being so close did mean it was tricky to get all of them in the same shot with my widest angle being the 24mm of my 24-70mm lens.
Have considered getting a wide prime – previously considering 28mm and 3.5mm 1.8, but maybe now I should consider the new 20mm 1.8. Of course Nikon has the 14-24mm but somehow it doesn’t appeal – would rather spend money on primes.

Here are some photos.

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Selling two Sigma 70-200mm f2.8 OS Nikon mount lenses

Recently spotted a good deal on a known/main retailers website for these so bought a couple extra to sell on. (I won’t say how much I paid)


Sigma lenses have a 3 year warranty

Received them on  6th May – so 3 year warranty will be from that point.

UK stock. I will include printed receipt from the retailer.


Price each : £680 (usually ~ £830)

Listed on eBay at £720 but would prefer to avoid eBay fees  (To check feedback : ebay UK : dafeo).

Payment via PayPal


UK special delivery included

Rest of Europe – postage will be additional – ask for a quote.

I will not post out of Europe.


Photography Show 2014 – Prices

Calumet Nikon lenses

Some prices from The Photography Show – 2014.

Only had the phone to photograph these so resolution is a bit off.

In past years I’ve heard that prices are negotiable – so try to haggle 😉

On the whole I was disappointed with the deals so only bought a memory card and some printer paper samples.



Cameraworld Sigma Cameraworks Sigma Cameraworld Nikon CameraWorld Canon Cameraworld Canon


(Sorry – only got the Nikon lens prices)

Calumet Nikon lenses

London Camera Exchange

London Camera Exchange - Canon Prices London Camera Exchange - Nikon - Prices London Camera Exchange - Sigma Prices

Example of the woeful savings:

On the Nikon 70-200 2.8 VR ii:
Calumet – £6
Cameraworld – £0
LCE – £0

New Nikon UK Cashback

Nikon UK have launched a new cashback deal – and for a change they fainally have some decent stuff in there not just low end SLR-lens bundles! Finally. Canon always seem to have better cashback deals with a full range of lenses etc.



Having a D800 I’d only really consider FX lenses.

The 70-200mm f2.8 VR II is a lens I’ve considered for a while – I already have a Sigma 70-200 but it’s an old model and has no VR. But then I don’t use it very often so not sure I can justify the expense. £160 cashback makes it a bit more appealing.

Cashback is on items bought between today (16th October) and 26th Jan. Claims have to be in by 24th Feb. See the link above.



Cashback Value














DX Lens

35mm F1.8


40mm F2.8


55-200MM nonVR


55-200MM VR


55-300mm VR




18-140mm VR


18-200mm VR II


18-300mm VR


FX Lens

70-300MM VR




28-300mm VR




70-200MM VR II









Nikon 1











EDG 7 x 42 DCF
EDG 8 x 42 DCF
EDG 10 x 42 DCF
EDG 8 x 32 DCF
EDG 10 x 32 DCF


New Sigma lens can be connected to a Computer!

Bit of a geek-out post this!

Sigma have announced a new 35mm f/1.4 lens. Priced at $899

Nothing massively interesting there – although I would have hoped it would be cheaper – mind you – Nikon 35mm f/1.4G is £1299!

BUT the funky-doo-dah thing is that you can buy an optional part that allows you to connect the lens to a computer! Not to take photos of course ,as this would need an imaging chip – but to update the lens itself! i.e. adjust the internal lenses, updating firmware etc! Some cameras have micro-adjustment settings to fine-tune them per lens – but this means you can do it directly to the lens without including the camera – which I guess should mean that it will be optimized for all cameras. I didn’t even know lenses had firmware! Updating is done via the software Sigma optimization Pro.


(Via PetaPixel)

Focus on imaging – Jacob prices

Some prices for you. Hope this WordPress app uploads the full images. Edit: It didn’t but they’ve been uploaded. Clicm on picture for the full size.

Canon Camera prices at focus on imaging

Sigma Lens Prices at focus on imaging

Nikon Lens prices at Focus on imaging

Nikon camera prices at focus on imaging

Sigma lens prices

Canon lens prices

Leica Lenses

Just another random tit-bit.

Came across this video of Leica Lens manufacturing online.

If you’re not a camera Buff – Leica’s are essentially the Roll’s Royce of the camera world. They may not be the biggest, quickest, or most functional of their market (i.e. cameras) but they do have that significant element of prestige and quality about them. However – you also pay for that!

Their current flag-ship I think is the M9 digital camera (BTW they’re not “SLR”s but instead Range-finders. If you don’t know what this is doesn’t really matter but google it if interested) which is a 18Mpx camera is a £5,000 camera! And what’s more – only does manual Focus!

But from this video you’ll probably see why there’s such a price-tag on their equipment.

I was interested in the possibility of a Leica a while ago as I was keen to get into street photography, possibly candid stuff (e.g. Henri Cartier Bresson was a famous Leica shooter). Leica’s are fairly compact especially their lenses. So I went along to their Mayfair shop. Wow did I feel like I was trespassing! one of these kind of shops where you need to ring the bell to get in and they will offer you a drink! Perfectly courteous towards me but I was most definitely out of my price-range depth.

In addition to the price though the big-turn off for me was the fact that even the modern Digital cameras were manual focus only was a significant no-go for me. I’ve come to rely on AutoFocus really – but even if I hadn’t – I could see that part of candid street stuff might be shooting from the hip – which would need some form of focusing….

Maybe one of these dew breed of mirror-less compacts, ot the Fuji X100. But first I’m going to upgrade my main camera (when Nikon get around to announcing one I want!) and then I’ll see about a carry-me-everywhere-camera.

Funky Bokeh

For those that don’t know:


Main Entry: bokeh
Part of Speech: n
Definition: a Japanese term for the subjective aesthetic quality of out-of-focus areas of a photographic image

So some of you probably thought that out of focus was just out of focus – but that isn’t the case. The construction makeup of a lens (and other factors – I’ll get into this in a mo) can influence how this “out of focusness” looks.

For the most part it’s not always obvious since many items blur into each other – but where it comes to effect most or when it’s most noticeable is when there’s a single point of light that is small enough but strong enough to be blurred as one unique area.

An example can be found on the Wiki page on Bokeh :

This image would be an out of focus picture of lots of minute dots of light.

If you really want to get into the technicalities of this dot of light turning into a blurred circle – look up “The Circle of confusion“.

Aaaaanyway – getting to the point – the factors that influence the characteristics of this blur/bokeh are the glass in the lens but more so the shape of the iris within the lens. Not all irises are the same as they will have various numbers of sliding metal plates.

The funky stuff, and the point of this post – is that you can cheat and place something in front of the lens – making a fake iris so to speak. I’ve seen it done a few times but just saw this music video where it’s used to clever effect – keep an eye out on the Circle of confusion turning into a “OH” of confusion or notes, walk sign, stops sign of confusion etc 😉

I originally found this on here : http://www.diyphotography.net/bokeh-masters-kit-used-to-create-boekhlicious-clip

And if you want to play around with this with a ready-made kit they sell one : http://www.bokehmasterskit.com/