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Modern Panic V

Once again it’s that time of year where the excellent Modern Panic art exhibition is on.
As per before – I had the pleasure to attend the opening event and take photos there.
I have a few friends that are exhibitors there.

It’s a great show and I would highly advise taking a look. As well as the original art – some exhibitors have prints on sale. If I had a big house I’d buy so much from this show!


SAT 8TH – SUN 16TH NOV 2014
11am – 7pm | £3 Admission | Support The Arts

Apiary Studios, Hackney Road
458 Hackney Road, E2 9EG London, United Kingdom

Modern Panic links:

https://twitter.com/guerrillazoo #ModernPanic


Links of some exhibitor friends:

Anne ‘Blondie’ Bengard

Iain MacArthur

Rococo Wonderland

Karina Akopyn

Michelle Mildenhall


Also includes some photos of MisSa Blue’s performance






Modern Panic

Thought I’d share some photos that I was working on last night – from an art gallery (of sorts) opening on Friday. It’s still open until the 12th of June (7pm) so if you like what you see , or just regardless anyway, you can still go down there. Has a bit of everything – Photography, paintings, sculptures and some more bizarre stuff. All – what I guess you might call alternative, but not necessarily “modern art” (which on the whole I’m not keen on)

Didn’t realise it before going but a few friends were exhibiting also – Ben Hopper and Esinem.

Here’s Ben’s blog post on his set : http://therealbenhopper.com/blog/2011/06/09/photographer-ben-hopper-presents-in-a-box/

On the opening night there were also a fair few performances randomly scattered around the place….. Oh of court when it’s about art it ‘s called “Space”. And it is fabulous “space” lovey darlings 😉 No really – it is. The place is called “The Old Abattoir” and I’ve seen other events being held there but never been before. No idea if it was a real abattoir or not. But it’s a wonderful mix of old walls, with or without plaster in various states, columns and pipes. Wonder if they do shoots there at all… hmm.

Anyway – you can find out more details at these links.


Or the facebook page

So some photos. Mostly of the exhibits/art but also people and performances.  Click on them to see a larger image.