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Kezia Argue Designs – Product shoot

Kezia Argue Beret

I seem to be doing a few product shoots recently. As I don’t really advertise or sell myself other than having a website or this blog (no facebook page even!) they’re either for friends or friends of friends. About a fortnight ago I did a shoot for my friend Kezia who I’ve known for a while but more so since moving to Peckham – she lives around the corner and gives me Jive lessons 🙂

She’s beed doing wigs, hats and head pieces for a while but has just launched her new website : Kezia Argue Designs and needed some photos for it – getting “pro” quality and standardised photos, and so I was happy to oblige.

Here’s one of each that I did for her:

We tried doing the white hats on white background and it worked mostly but they certainly stood out more on blackground, but especially with the netting.

The trick with a white background is to over-expose it just enough so that it turns to white, but not so much that it affects the item in front of it – and with the netting this was happening.

Her website again : http://kezia-argue.com

And Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/keziaarguedesigns

If you fancy one of these or something custom please drop her a line.

Stepper Bike UK

Union Jack - Custom

Sorry for not posting for a while – been terribly busy – both with work (i.e. daytime job) and also photo editing – covered a friends wedding and weddings always take me so long to edit.

So finally here’s a post – and one on photography I’ve been doing which is nice for a change. Continuing my run of product shoots I was asked by my good friend Zoe (aka*Ting*) to photograph her range of bikes which she imports and sells here in the UK – Stepper bikes.

Here are her websites:


http://www.stepperbikeuk.biz + http://www.3gstepperbike.co.uk

This is product shoot on quite a different scale compared to food tins and hair products! Going from a little table top setup it was a case of using several lights (3) white backdrop paper and also white sheeting. Here;s the setup:

As you MAY imagine – stepper biles are a little different – instead of sitting on a saddle and pedlling you stand on them and – well step up and down! Did I try one? NO Don’t thing why I didn’t! Maybe just had the task at hand in my head instead.

We wanted all kinds of photos – full bikes of course but also detailed shots of various elements such as gearing, gear shifts (yes they even have gears!) etc.

So here you go – a selection of that evenings photos:

Oh and some silly messing about after we’d finished 😉


Keep Calm and Carry On

No – not another post on the London Riots. Although some of the posts on social network sites did remind me of this.


Last month I did another product shoot. This time for food/drinks containers – although they have an interesting twist. They use the now well known “KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON” slogan.

There’s an interesting story about it’s history here. Essentially it was kept back from the public from it’s conception in 1939 – as it was only really intended for the time of an invasion. Of course invasion never arrived and so the poster was forgotten until it was purchased (by accident) with some second hand books and put up by its new owner. – Go read the link – there’s more there.

Anyway – I think it’s a great slogan for anything container like and would be a great souveneir or present – best of luck to the brand.