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Inspiration: Honey shoot

Links to the honey shoot from Blake Little has been doing the rounds a fair bit on social media. He has a book of them : Preservation.

At the time it struck me as such a simple yet clever idea. Although there are of course logistics to consider like buying and controlling honey, different models etc – ultimately it’s simple and beautiful. The kind of thing where I think “Oh – wish I would have done that”.
I keep wanting to do more creative shoots but the impending organisation usually stops me or to be correct – I don’t event start. I just need to commit some time and just do it.

Recently came across a BTS video of the series and thought I’d blog it tagged as Inspiration.

Project: Friends with Interesting jobs and past times : Margot Magpie

A topic common amongst photography and photographers both online and in magazines is that of personal projects.

As yet I’ve not really had one or worked on one and so I thought it about time.

Various ideas crossed my mind such as low-light London, however I realised that because I’ve essentially become a people photographer (I wouldn’t say portrait as that doesn’t really cover events) it would be more fitting if I did a project on people. An obvious choice was the weird and wonderful people that I know…. I use the term “weird” as a complement by the way, and an alternative to “interesting”. In addition I wanted to do more photography away from the studio environment and so I’m looking to do environmental portraits of friends who have interesting jobs or hobbies in the environment in which they do these. An inspiration for this has been reading several of Joe McNally’s books which I’ve found to be very interesting and inspirational.


So first up is my friend Margot Magpie.

Margot is a friend of mine who does taxidermy. Starting as a hobby she now gives taxidermy classes throughout the UK and is a member of the UK Guild of taxidermists.  Her classes are primarily mouse taxidermy and are called “anthropomorphic mouse courses” as the mice are often given props and posed in ways in human like scenarios. Classes are often put on in London, Manchester and Edinburgh. In addition to classes she also produces taxidermy related items for sale and various other commission pieces such as for museums (e.g. London Science Museum) and theatrical productions.

Our shoot was at Hackney City Farm where Margot usually holds her London classes. As we had sufficient space I went for the option of using studio lights rather than small speedlights. It was shortly before one of Margot’s classes,  stuffing a young rat which had been found dead a few days prior. Unfortunately we ran out of time for Margot to complete the piece but it was most of the way there.

Margot and I have worked together a few times – I’ve photographed some of her items for PR uses and her etsy shop. Since this shoot – we’ve also had another to document the whole mouse taxidermy process in detail for a project of hers which hopefully will be out soon.








Updates: http://ofcorpsetaxidermy.wordpress.com/upcoming-courses-and-demonstrations/

London: http://www.thelasttuesdaysociety.org/mousetaxidermy.html

Manchester : http://madlab.org.uk/courses/


Lacing Lilith Latex Couture + Colour Toning

Becky Burton wearing Lacing Lilith Latex

It’s been a long while since I’ve put something up on my main site but I’ve finally done it!

I had a shoot with with friends from Lacing Lilith Latex Couture over a year ago now! At the time they said they’d do the editing for their own site and so the set went to the back of my editing queue. But of late I’ve been managing to get through things and so came around to this set. Lacing lilith crew specifically asked me to do a fairly basic setup – with a plain light background which would allow them greater flexibility for edits – and so this also gave me such an opportunity.

Up to now my editing has been if not basic, certainly standard – possibly retouching on some images but on the whole correcting blemishes and lighting – no special or additional styling styling other than possibly turning an image to Black and White. Having seen many a fashion shoot styled with toning I fancied giving it a try.

There seems to be numerous ways to tone an image – some are basic and will usually only offer a single colour in one layer, while others can add multiple colouring options. Some possible options I found :

  • Fill Layer (Solid Colour): Basic, just adding a solid fill colour, however it’s possible to mask it or change the blend mode to affect one area.
  • Curves : Add a curve and adjust it differently only the individual channels – this allows different colour adjustment throughout the lights to darks.
  • Colour Balance : Add a colour balance layer – adjusting the colour by Highlights, Midtones or Shadows.

While Curves gave more control over which luminosity you’d change – a colour Balance layer seemed to give more control, or easier control over which colours you could choose – and so I mainly used this technique. Here’s an example of one of the adjustment layers I added:

Colour Balance Layer

As I’m new to this I won’t go into an in-depth tutorial and as everybody who tries a new technique I’m probably overdoing it, but c’est la vie.

These are the main steps I used to edit the photos:

  1. Duplicate layer and do a general fix such as hairs, major blemishes, etc
  2. Adjust eyes – brighten, whiten, enhance colour.
  3. Skin, hair and eyes: Smooth skin + background (slightly), sharpen eyes and hair.
  4. Lighten & darken some areas of the subject e.g. hair, clothes etc.
  5. Darken the background
  6. Colour/shade

And a selection:

Sohui wearing Lacing Lilith Latex  Becky Burton wearing Lacing Lilith Latex

Guy wearing Lacing Lilith red Latex Jacket Becky Burton wearing Lacing Lilith Latex

The whole set is here : Lacing Lilith Latex Couture.

Links to some involved:


Lacing Lilith : https://www.facebook.com/lacinglilithlatexcouture


Sohui : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sohui/105472156166190

Becky : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Becky-Burton-Model/116486168372703


Roseanna Velin : https://www.facebook.com/roseannamakeupartist?ref=ts

Keep Calm and Carry On

No – not another post on the London Riots. Although some of the posts on social network sites did remind me of this.


Last month I did another product shoot. This time for food/drinks containers – although they have an interesting twist. They use the now well known “KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON” slogan.

There’s an interesting story about it’s history here. Essentially it was kept back from the public from it’s conception in 1939 – as it was only really intended for the time of an invasion. Of course invasion never arrived and so the poster was forgotten until it was purchased (by accident) with some second hand books and put up by its new owner. – Go read the link – there’s more there.

Anyway – I think it’s a great slogan for anything container like and would be a great souveneir or present – best of luck to the brand.