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The Many Lives of William Klein

Recently come across this iPlayer showing of an episode of the “imagine…” series on BBC which is about William Klein and thought I’d share. (UK only unless you’re going through a proxy))

On the whole I don’t know much of well known photographers and hadn’t heard of William Klein before either. But apparently he was listed as No 25 in Professional Photographers 100 most influential photographers.

Anyway – this is well worth a watch if you’re into photography and in particular 50s street photography from New York or fashion photography of the same era. It’s a testament to the strength of doing things your own way. His comments can be quite cutting and to the point but in not too unpleasant a way – quite funny infact. You can tell from a few of the scenes that he really likes people of all kinds ….. other than fools of course 😉



Jamel Shabazz Street Photographer Documentary

What a funky name – eh!

I’m loving the random content that I’m seeing on the RETV feed at the moment. Have a few to go through but will quickly catch up with it.

This one looks like another indie / Art-house documentary to look out for on a street photographer. Rather than up-market celebs as my earlier post, this one is hip-hop culture. Although I like a bit of Hip-hop (more the jazzy kind – Jurasic 5, Herbaliser, DJ Format etc) I wouldn’t say I’m a massive fan – however I am of course a massive photography fan – so will try to track this down. If anybody spots it (or anything similar really) showing in the UK/London – please let me know.

Link to The Film.

And Jamel Shabezz.

Jamel Shabazz Street Photographer