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Film on Street Fashion Photographer

Bill Cunningham New York

Just something I’ve come across that thought I’d pass on.

Being into all things photography I try to see as many films about photographers as possible (be it conflict photography as in my previous blog post HERE, or anything really e.g. think there was an Annie Leibovitz film – I’ll go dig it out). A new one seems to be out about a street fashion photographer.

Bill Cunningham New York

Bill Cunningham New York

Due to the internet and more-so of late – blogs – the niche of street fashion photography has risen to fame. I think the most famous of which is The Sartorialist. But in reality – it’s nothing new – just that blogs etc have made it so much more accessible.

The film seems to be about this eccentric character Bill Cunnignham (which I must admin I hadn’t heard of) who’s been doing it for decades.

Here’s a trailer.

Looks like it might be interesting for many different reasons – photography, fashion, and the human story of Bill himself.

The website (www.billcunninghamnewyork.com) seems to only list showings in the US – but hopefully it should get some form of release in the UK – inĀ independentĀ or art cinemas. I’ll keep a close eye on the ICA listings.