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Terrence Higgins Trust – Walk for Life 2012

On Sunday I did my usual stint of charity work – covered the Terrence Higgins Trust sponsored walk- the walk for life.

A few years ago I thought it would be nice to do something worth-while with my photography and asked around so see if there’s anything I could do. At the time my friend Michael (a.k.a. Funtime Mikey) worked for an AIDS and HIV charity called Crusaid who organised the Walk for Life charity event and he put me in touch with it’s organisers. Since then I’ve covered it a few times (My sieve of a memory has lost count) and since then Crusaid merged with Terrence Higgins Trust.

The walk starts and ends at Potters Field Park – between Tower Bridge and the Greater London Authority building – a great location.

Had celebs Sugar Dandies and Sarah Cawood starting the race.

In the end there were performances from Louise Dearman, 4 Corners and Freddie impersonator.

People always dress up and there’s a great vibe lending itself to some fun photos. Thankfully didn’t rain but it was a bit on the cold side and was overcast. Means no nice blue skies for photos alas. Having done these before I’ve learnt that ins such conditions a pop of flash is handy to illuminate faces and some exposure compensation is sometimes needed as the light overcast sky can trick camera metering if you use it (which I do).

As I currently have more free time – may be worth looking for other such charities/events that could do with some photography.

EDIT: Here’s a link to the THT set on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150909225967332.433512.6316017331&type=1

Here’s a very abridged gallery of photos:

London Pride

As per my last Blog post – on Saturday I was taking photos for Terrence Higgins Trust at London Pride. I went to meet them at the starting point for about 12. No float/bus (seems they cost a lot – and this after all is a charity) but they did have a fair few staff/supporters there and a small but great marching band, plus semi-clad good looking guys.

There was no real brief really – I think they were happy just to get anything and everything – concentrating mostly on the charity but also on other aspects of the march.

Having never been to a Pride march before (not being gay they never seemed a high priority for me) I wasn’t sure what to expect. At the starting point it seemed all quite relaxed – you could walk around the different floats and mingle with everybody etc.  So come 1pm when it started – I was expecting the same. After an initial filtering system so that the organise could intersperse the floats/buses with procession walkers (intially all the people were in one lane and all the floats in another) we started walking down Portland place into central London. After a while I noticed that there was crowd fencing either side of us with a little crowd. But as we went further into the middle of town the crowds became bigger and bigger and it dawned on me – I wasn’t just covering part of the march – I was actually IN a march, separate from the crowd. 🙂 Not what I was expecting but fun.

There were a few floats with DJs and sounds systems etc – but in my opinion our modest marching band (1 Tuba, 2 trumpets, 2 drums, 1 trombone and 1 saxophone) was much better. Added that extra spirit to it missing from just playing a record or CD. They’s also done their homework and played a few “gay anthems” – you know YMCA and the like – although that was the cheesiest of them, others were better.

As I had stuff to prepare for Saturday night and an earlyish start for that too (well 8) I didn’t hang around for the post march entertainment i.e. gig in Trafalgar Square and then bars and clubs in and around Soho. Maybe next time.

Took almost a thousand photos on the day !! But here’s just a few generally un-edited.

Walk for life & London Pride

London Pride is on tomorrow and although I have a late night tonight (Friday – a friends 40th) and again on Saturday – I’m going to go along – mainly because I’ve been asked to take photos for Terrence Higgins Trust – this has lead on from me taking photos for them at the annual Walk For life event. made me realise that I should have posted about it here – so here goes 🙂

A while ago I thought that it would be good to do something worth while with my photography rather than just take pictures in clubs and at home – something for others but also make me feel good karma wise (I don’t “really” believe in karma in that it has an effect – but I like to believe in the idea of it – doing good for others etc etc). Que Smashie and Nicey “Charidy Mate” speal 😉 So I approached a few charities that I give money to monthly e.g. Amesty – but didn’t get much of a response. But a friend of mine (Hi Mikey *waves*) at the time worked for Crusaid – an aids charity that did work both here and in Africa. After a few E-mails I was asked to cover their Walk for life event – a sponsored walk around London (10k I think). It starts and ends in Potters field – between Tower Bridge and City Hall. At the end there’s some entertainment – bands/singers and the like. Mikey no longer works there but I’ve covered it for the last 3 years.

This year Crusaid merged/was taken over/however you want to put it with Terrence Higgins trust – so I covered it for them too. This year the celebs were Christian Clarke (the gay guy from Eastenders – or so I’m told – I don’t watch soaps), Four poofs and a piano again, and Beverly Knight performing at the end. The year that Dannii Minogue turned up to start the walkers was a bit crazy as a load of Paparazzi turned up! Although I wasn’t keen on them before – I certainly don’t now – bunch of rude inconsiderate people.

Some photos included below.

Aaaand back to original point – will be at London Pride tomorrow starting about 12:30 from Portland place – quite possibly wearing a Terrence Higgins Trust T-shirt – come say Hi. Shall try to upload photos to hear sooner after the event than this load.