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4th Nov - Movember

Not a photography item – but rather a personal one.

You’ve likely heard of Movember – well I’m taking part this year 🙂
Movember is a cancer charity about and against common male cancer issues i.e. Prostate and Testicular cancer. Many cancers are curable these days if caught early – however guys being guys – we’ll often not go to the doctors if we spot something. So as well as fund-raising Movember is about awareness too. Part of the registration phase for the website is to click that you’ve gone for a health check – I like that.

I’m going to be photographing my “mo” progress over the month and hope to compile a short time-lapse of my moustache. Couple of quick shots below – on the morning of the 1st after a shave and then just now – evening of the 4th.

1st Nov - Movember4th Nov - Movember

Additionally I’ve joined the Movember team of Phill Bloom – a famous videographer and blogger. He’s managed to get a load of video and camera suppliers to donate equipment for a prize draw. There are two ways to win – creating a video about/for the cause and to donate more than $14/£20 either to someone who’s part of the team or to the team in general. So if you fancy donating to me (please) – you can actually win some pretty impressive equipment! See here for details – you need to mail him your donation receipt.

I would be tempted to create a video but I’ve not really done anything like that before and don’t know what i could cover. May yet think of something.

More updates to come.

Here’s my Movember / Mo-space page.

Time-lapse with a twist

As mentioned before – through work I do a bit of time-lapse work. I’m not really involved with the collation of the images together into the video, but instead just the technicalities of getting the images in the first place.

So I do tend to keep an eye open for timelapse videos that come along. They are starting to get mre creative now – with HDR ones and ones on dollies that gradually move very very slowly with stepper motors.

Anyway – came across this one today – bit of a twist to it (ho ho). It’s a timelapse of stars moving across the sky (milky way I think) from an observatory in Chile – but someone has re-edited it so that the stars stay still and it’s the planet that moves. Nice twist – boom tish 😉 I’m a bit curious about the crazy buildings that twist and what I guess is a laser that goes up into the sky.

Anyway – here it is, enjoy.

Credits for original video:
ESO/José Francisco Salgado (http://www.josefrancisco.org)
ESO/S. Guisard (http://www.astrosurf.com/sguisard/)

PS – Yes I’d love to do something like this (with the stars) but there’s no chance unless I go to somewhere distant like the Scottish Highlands.

Multiple Time-lapse

Multiple Time-lapse time!

Construction Time-lapse

Construction Time-lapse. You can see another camera on another column.


So I showed a little teaser in my last post about buying 8 little cameras.

These little beauties (GoPro HD) are usually used for extreme sports – Skydiving, snowboarding, surfing and the like as they’re very small, come in waterproof casings have a fisheye lens and are capable of HD. But we’re going to use them for a very different purpose.

As well as HD video they can also take 5Mpx pictures and are able to do timelapse internally – they can take a picture every 1, 5, 10 30 and 60 seconds. And as such they’re suitable for timelapse photography without a controlling computer. we already have timelapse setups using SLRs and a laptop – but the problem there is both the size and the cost. The issue with compacts is that none really (that I could find) have a suitable wide angle lenses. Most seem to end about 28 or at the extreme 24mm lenses. It’s possible to get adapters for some but that’s just another thing to go wrong. In addition the most likely candidate – the Canon G range has an issue – previously – up to the G10 you could control these via remote connection from a laptop – but for some reason – Canon decided to withdraw this in the G11 – strange.

Anyway – back to the point – we’re using them to take time-lapse photography of office installation from bare to fully kitted head office in 14 weeks.


So on Tuesday I set up 7 of these little fellas (will be 8 eventually) at the office development in Central London.

Here are a few examples:

timelapse camera view

Open plan office (to be)

Time-lapse camera

Bit of me on a raised platform

Time-lapse camera

Main meeting room area

Of course – these being fisheye lenses things are a bit distorted – but eventually we’ll correct this, including doing some cropping so that the picture fits into a standard video screen ratio.

At the moment these are are at their max time-span – taking a picture every minute.

So per day each camera will take :  1 (per min) x 60 (min in an hour) x 24 = 1,440 photos a day!

Over the total 14 week period this will mean 141,120 photos per camera!

Ok – now times that by x8 cameras!

We’ll have rather a few photos! But thankfully since we’re not really interested in night time pictures – we’ll likely delete those. Also to minimise visits to the camera (since they’re not offloading images to a laptop) we’ve maxed out the cards in each camera – to 32Gb – so doing calculations on average file size I’ll have to visit the cameras approx every 10 days. In testing night/dark shots were much smaller file sizes (~800k rather than 2.5Mb) but since this is a central London location with no curtains/blinds – there will be a fair amount of light-bleed into the building which will mean decent sized files.


So that’s what I was a bit stressed about last week – getting all the kit – cameras, special housings, chargers, various different mounts etc.

Glad it’s up and running.

Will post a bit more about the specific kit used a bit later on.


BTW If anybody does know of an ultra wide-angle compact capable of interval shooting – please get in touch. Because SLR’s have a physical shutter we’ve been killing them off like no business! Again – another post for another time 😉